Care For Blind Dogs

Care For Blind DogsCare For Blind Dogs

Now this is an interesting topic we would love to talk about. Taking care for blind dog is more than challenge itself. It represents lovely act of humanity. Knowing basic dog directives will not be enough but don’t get worried about that. You will get hang of it pretty quickly.

Dogs are some of the most popular pets that people choose to own. They act as companions, provide security and can act as an exercise buddy for those looking to stay healthy.

However like humans, some dogs have handicaps, either they are born blind or become blind as a result of an accident. Blind dogs need extra care and attention to help them, lead happy healthy lives. However if your dog happens to have been born blind there are few things one must do.

Dogs that re born blind can surprisingly adapt to their environments quickly. They needn’t be confined to areas where it is unmoving. Capable of developing mind maps like humans but need to be kept far away from stairs and sharp objects.

Use a professional or yourself to house train them properly. Prepare treats that will act as rewards in the training process such as chicken thighs. Condition them by referring certain words with a touch or a treat. Also condition negative sounds with sharp sounds. The bright side of blind dogs is that they learn faster than sighted dogs. Train your dog to step, sit, rollover and shake and any other commands that you desire. It is expected that they make take longer time practice patience with them.

Step training is a process that will take time, dogs are naturally afraid of stairs and disorientation can cause them to tumble. A useful tip is to always carry dogs on stairs.

When walking your dog gives them time to familiarize themselves with the environment. Let them stop and smell flowers because they are denied the visual stimuli of walks. Also remember to be a little more lenient because they don’t heel well, this because they cannot see where your heel is. A well trained blind dog can give as much joy as a sighted one.

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