Chronic dog diseases – not to worryChronic dog diseases – not to worry

Even as the name ‘guard dog’ suggest, these are hardy creatures. Soon after weaning and the milk teeth are out, puppies could grow uninterrupted provided they are being feed and live in warm conditions. However, dogs are affected by some chronic opportunistic diseases. One of them is rubies.

Dogs have been affected by this viral disease of mammals since the commencement of its domestication by man. The problem with this disease is that it causes your dog to behave wildly, it’s zoonotic and the same fatal infections that manifests in dogs manifests in humans too. The disease kills your guard dog fast and the sole remedy is vaccination against the disease.

Pseudo rabies is another fatal disease that affects mostly guard dogs. It could also affect pet dogs but guard dogs are more prone since there are more mobile. It’s contagious and it is originally a disease of the pigs. If it affects your guard dog, it could just kill it as quick as rubies do with similar signs and symptoms as rubies’.

Canine distemper affects your dog when it’s mingled with another dog with the same disease. It is highly infectious and before a dog dies of the disease, often in a few days from infection time, it could infect a whole park. The signs mostly manifest as respiratory problems.

Another fast killer dog disease is in slang tongue referred to as ‘parvo’ is a highly contagious viral disease of the dogs. It also affect all the other animals in the dog family namely the wolves, foxes and coyotes. The disease causes fatal diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting. It attacks the cells of canids, killing them rapidly, depending on the strength of your dog, it kills the weakest faster.

Although the above diseases are not so common in several areas, they are quite fatal. Important to heed to is the advice of vaccinating your canine against them.