House Training-Dogs

House Training-DogsHouse Training-Dogs

The process of housetraining dogs is not one that is achieved overnight. It is inevitable that at some point, accidents might happen and in order to avoid this and keep your dog in check, it is important to identify why the accidents happen in the first place. Getting educated at topic of dog training and lifestyle, be sure to check out our magazine articles and guides.

• Dogs are known to love marking their territory and when this happens in the house, it is likely that it is mistaking the surrounding and only wants to mark a territory.
• Fear or anxiety can be a major cause of accidents and this can be as a result of loud noises, on-going construction or being lefty alone for long house.
• There are times when accidents occur because the dog is ill. This could be as a result of tract infections, medical conditions or parasites that cause the dog to urinate frequent or have a bad stomach. When this happens, it is advisable to visit a vet.
• When a dog is confused and not certain of what is expected, it can also lead to unforeseen accidents.

How to Avoid Accidents With Dogs

There are a couple of ways through which you can avoid these problems and it is ideal to look at some of them.
• Start by controlling when and where your dog uses the bathroom and this can be achieved by adding a crate into your home. Ensure that there is close and regular supervision to keep your dog going to the right place.
• Dogs should not be punished after making a mistake as this only creates fear and consequently, leads to more accidents.
• If your dog manages to use the bathroom outside, give him a treat or take him out for a stroll. He will know that the treat is for doing something good and keep him interested in doing the same more often.

Taking time to train your dog is the only way to ensure that you keep all manner of accidents at bay and keep your home accident free.

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