Expensive Dog Breeds

Most Expensive Dog BreedsMost Expensive Dog Breeds

While some people will buy dogs for pet companionship or protection, many people are currently buying dogs for more reasons – a status symbol among the wealthy. This has seen some dog breeds become very expensive. There are other individual dogs which are also very expensive, but for other reasons rather than their breeds.

These factors include:

• Their breed purity

These are dogs that are a pure breed meaning they are the first of their kind. A pure breed dog has several attributes because it picks from the good qualities of the two cross-breeds. This dog can fetch a very high price in the market.

• Availability of the dog

There are some dogs that are quite rare. Their low supply accompanied by a high demand in the market helps them to fetch a very high market price.

• Popularity of its descendants

If you found a puppy whose mother was the world champion, then you can be assured that the puppy will not be selling cheap. This is because there is a notion that the puppy possesses some of the strong qualities the mother had.

• Former owner of the dog

There are some things that will sell very highly depending on the person who used them before. A good example is popular celebrities or personalities. A celebrity’s dog will sell very highly simply because they were with a popular person.

There are other dogs that just rank high on the price charts, simply because their breeds are very expensive. Most of these are bought as puppies so you can keep and train them as they grow. Some of these include the Lowchen, the Canadian Eskimo dog, Tibetan Mastiff, Rottweiler, the Samoyed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, English bulldog, German Shepherd, and Bearded Collie among others.