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Picking the best dog namePicking the best dog name

Selecting a name for your dog is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Considering the variety of options at your disposal though, you might find the entire process rather intimidating. However, this does not have to be the case. Whenever people meet your dog for the first time, the question they ask first is the dog’s name.

The manner in which people will respond to the dog and how the dog will respond to people is linked to the kind of name you will pick. As such, you need to be extra careful when picking a name. The first thing you need to consider is picking a name that presents your pet in a positive light. For instance, you can settle for classic names which bring charm and nostalgia and which do not pass off as passing fancy or trendy. These have the ability of giving your dog a great human air and at the same time, they make it easy for people to associate with your dog.

One of the major mistakes people make is giving their dogs’ names that have a negative connotation to them such as Fang or Killer. While this might seem like a macho name, it also puts your dog at a major disadvantage. Whether it is unconsciously or consciously, most people will respond in a negative manner to such names. To top it all, this also builds a negative image for you dog and can damage its reputation as well. It is for this reason that you need to think on the positive side when picking your dog’s name.

After selecting an ideal name for your dog, you can buy a customized name tag collar and have the name engraved at the back. You can also include your phone number in order to ensure that in the event your dog gets lost, you can be easily traced and get it back. Before you pick a name for your dog, always take time to carry out thorough research in order to ensure you pick the most suitable name that compliments the personality of the dog as well.

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