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Proper Dog CleaningProper Dog Cleaning

Unlike most other domestic animals and pets, dogs require bathing quite regularly for relaxation and for their good health. Also, dogs are not averse to water like other animals like cats and in fact they benefit a lot from a good bath. Although puppies my resist water at first, they soon get used to and look forward to bath time. Proper dog dental hygiene is also something to look after in dogs.

However, in order to eliminate the odour or itchiness and too much scratching on your dog, it is important you consider the right way to bath your dog and know what to avoid and what to include to make the exercise successful.

During cleaning, look for any health issue with the skin of your dog. Check for any defects like swellings or bruises and administer the necessary medication after the bath.

Make the right choice of shampoo for your dog. This is with the understanding that some dogs are allergic to certain shampoos. Select shampoos that have got oatmeal to help in alleviating itchiness and allergy.

Ensure the puppy is bathed in the right shampoo that is allowed for its age. Ensure that the shampoo will not sting eyes because dogs unlike humans will not close eyes while you are cleaning the face.

However, avoid touching the eyes, ears or nose with the shampoo even if the shampoo is not indicated that it will not sting mucus membrane. To ensure that you do not irritate the eyes of the dog with shampoo, use a dump cloth to clean the face and not dripping water as it’s what will drip to the eyes and ears and nose.

As you get done with proper rinsing and proper drying, you might want to apply some perfume on the dog. Go for dog perfume sold in your nearest dog store. Choose non allergic shampoos. Consult your vet on the right perfume to use on your dog.

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