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Toxic Foods and DogsToxic Foods and Dogs

Do you know you could be poisoning your dog unknowingly? Majority of people love dogs and as such, tend to share whatever they are eating with these lovable furry creatures. While there is no harm in this, certain foods should not be fed to dogs regardless of the fact that they are suitable for human consumption. When choosing the type of food to give to your dog, several aspect come into play such as the type of breed you have, it’s weight and other essential factors like overall dog dental capabilities.

Foods that are perfect for you or other animals might prove to be poisonous or toxic to a dog posing serious threat to its well-being and health. This is for the simple reason the level of metabolism is different. Some of the foods you need to steer clear off are as highlighted below though not limited to the same. Consequently, be certain to confirm whether the foods you are feeding your dog are healthy.

• Avocado: These contain Persin and it can cause heart congestion, vomiting and diarrhea.
• Apple seeds: These are toxic to dogs since they contain a chemical that is releases cyanide once digested. If you want to feed apples to your dog, make sure you get rid of the seeds first.
• Alcohol: This can cause poor coordination, intoxication, abnormal acidity and poor breathing. In some cases, it can also leave your dog in a coma or cause death.
• Chewing gum and candy: These contain sugars and Xilotyl which causes kidney failure, insulin over release and other worse cases.
• Fat trimmings: These can trigger pancreatitis condition.

There are other foods you need to strike off your dog’s diet such as hops, raisins, grapes, coffee, chocolate, macadamia nuts, high amounts of liver, human vitamins and mushrooms. In case you have doubts about a certain type of food, consult with your vet first in order to confirm it is safe.

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